Abou us:

The Prophet’s descendants are extremely popular among Muslims and are widely respected. One of his Grandsons, ‘Ali the son of Mousa the son of Ja’far, is the eighth Imam of Shi’as. His shrine is in Mashhad, Khorasan province, is located in the north east of Iran and it’s a place where millions of His lovers gather every year.




Imam Reza is known for His kindness and helpfulness towards the poor and needy. His holy shrine which is administered by his lover’s donations has always cared deeply for the poor. For instance, thousands of meals are distributed daily among his pilgrims, some of whom are the poor.



Imam Reza’s Karamat foundation or in short, “Karamat” was founded in 2016 aiming to develop humanitarian services towards the poor people while preserving the dignity and value of the humanity.



This foundation, as it’s first steps, delivered a huge amount of the donations and also services of the generous and kind people of Iran and other countries to the earthquake-stricken people of Kermanshah. This earthquake was 7.3 in magnitude and struck at the end of 2017 in Kermanshah province, west of Iran.




Supporting the orphans, feeding thousands of the needy, dealing with human crises, supporting the poor who are the lovers of the Prophet and etc. are some of the activities of this big charity foundation which is now expanding throughout the world.