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Millions of Imam Hussein[1]’s lovers walk every year towards his shrine which is located in Karbala. This great number of pilgrims in a limited ten days, need to be served and Karamat foundation attempts to meet this need.       Gathering cash and non-cash contributions:   Buying the material and items through the contribution […]

Millions of Imam Hussein[1]’s lovers walk every year towards his shrine which is located in Karbala. This great number of pilgrims in a limited ten days, need to be served and Karamat foundation attempts to meet this need.




Gathering cash and non-cash contributions:


Buying the material and items through the contribution of philanthropists worth 592 thousand USD.

public contributions in Bani-e-Ziarat welfare service worth  86 thousand USD to send the poor to participate in the walk of Arbaeen.

Collecting donations in the Holy shrine of Imam Reza (pbuh) worth 20 thousand USD.

Utilizing other facilities and logistics of other pilgrim service provider organizations.




Karamat Foundation activity report in Arbaeen 2018


  1. Providing services for Arbaeen pilgrims in Mehran border town


During the days of Arbaeen walk, Mehran is the busiest land border in the west of Iran. This border town is located in the small province of Ilam. Mehran cannot host this huge amount of people due to the fact that it is a small border town.


  • Organizing 1000 volunteers to serve the pilgrims of Imam Hussain (pbuh).
  • Establishing a central kitchen to cook and distribute 700 thousand meals for the time period of two weeks before and after the day of Arbaeen.
  • Welcoming the pilgrims and also seeing them off which was done by the servants of the Holy shrine of Imam Reza (pbuh).
  • Setting up 8 free [and Salawati] volunteer camps which provided free services for the pilgrims.
  • Establishing the Radio Station of Arbaeen.
  • Setting up a cross town sound system and covering the environmental space of Mehran with related audio.
  • Helping the transfer of old and physically disabled people in the border area.
  • Providing Medicine support for the field hospital in Mehran border.
  • Cooking 92500 meals for some other service provider organizations.







  1. Providing services for Afghan pilgrims

Afghanistan is located on the east of Iran and so many Afghan lovers of Imam Hussain (pbuh) are willing to participate in the walk of Arbaeen. Accordingly, so many measurements were taken.

  • Helping Afghan pilgrims to solve their visa problems to enter Iran.
  • Setting up the environment and welcoming Afghan pilgrims in Dogharoon and Taibad border in the east of Iran
  • providing 40 thousand refreshment boxes for Afghan pilgrims
  • Organizing a Joint team of Astan Qods Razavi and Provincial Government office of Khorasan to provide a good service for Afghan pilgrims.





  1. Providing service for the pilgrims who are from Azerbaijan and Turkey


Proving services for thousands of Turkish pilgrims, is also one of the services of Karamat foundation.

Setting up the environments and welcoming Azerbaijani and Turkish pilgrims.

Providing 5000 refreshment boxes.




  1. Providing service for non-Iranian pilgrims in Shalamcheh border during Arbaeen


One of the western borders of Iran and Iraq is shalamcheh border zone which is located in Khuzestan province. This place is considered as an exclusive exit border for non-Iranian pilgrims during Arbaeen days.


Cooking and distributing 70 thousand meals or 100 thousand meals

Initiating the retinue of Imam Reza servants by servants and philanthropists.

Initiating the communication station with caravans and foreign elite elements and the donation of 1000 medical support cultural packages in field hospital in Shalamcheh border.

Battling the foreign pilgrims’ problems especially the deprived Pakistanians and Afghans.




  1. Acknowledging some of elite Iraqi Servants


We could divide millions of Iraqi Arbaeen servants to some categories. Iraqi Mokebdars are considered the elite servants among people. They host the pilgrims by setting up centers in Arbaeen walk. Another important group of Iraqi servants are the people who allow pilgrims to accommodate in their houses during Arbaeen. Imam Reza Keramat foundation acknowledged some of folk servants by bestowing present packages from Astan Ghods Razavi.

Acknowledging 100 elite Iraqi Mokeb

Acknowledging 500 landlords who hosted the pilgrims during Arbaeen in Najaf, Karbala and Kazemein.

Donating and installing 72 Razavi Mehrabs in 72 Iraqi Mokeb



  1. Preparing Razavi blessed presents for acknowledging Husseini Arbaeen servants.

One of the important Imam Reza Keramat foundation activities in 2018 was performing a ritual for the blessed Razavi present preparation for Arbaeen servants.

Initiating a national ritual movement for the blessed Razavi presents in virtual and media world in order to recruit ladies to be present in 12 cities of Iran and participating in public ritual preparation of the presents.

Preparing and distributing 100 thousand cultural and refreshment packages in Iraqi Mokebs.

Preparing and distributing 7000 cultural packages for the children in Iraqi Mokebs.




  1. National movement (Bani Ziarat) for dispatching the poor to arbaeen pilgrimage.


Imam Reza Keramat foundation initiated national Bani Ziarat movement in virtual world and media in 2018 to dispatch the Imam Hussein’s lovers who were unable to pay the pilgrimage costs.

In this public movement 86 thousand USD was raised to dispatch 1000 poor people who were eager to go on the pilgrimage.




  1. Providing service for the poor Pakistanian pilgrims


Mirjaveh is a city which is located on the common border between Iran and Pakistan which is located in Sistanvabaloochestan province in the east of Iran.

During recent years and Arbaeen days a lot of Pakistanian pilgrims have chosen Iran and Mirjave border ro travel to AtabatAliat. One of the plans of Imam Reza Keramat foundation is provide services to these pilgrims.

Zero point border services:

Establishing atmosphere and Astan Ghosds’s welcoming the poor Pakistanian Pilgrims.

Providing 30000 refreshment packages

Preparing temporary  rest home for Pakistanian Pilgrims.

Settling medical team in Mirjaveh and providing medical services


Services in Imam Reza Pilgrim House in Zahedan:

Accomodating Pakistanian pilgrims in Imam Reza Pilgrim House.

Cooking and distributing 30000 meals for Pakistanian Pilgrims.


It is necessary to say that some other services are provided for these dear people

[1] Prophet Muhammad’s grandson

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