(Let’s be like rain)”, a campaign to Feed the needy


This campaign, trying to enculture the ‘feeding of needy’ with the meat of sacrificed animals, started from Eid al-Adha,1397 (30 August 2018) and continued until Eid Al-Ghadir for eight days.

Activities of Karamat [foundation] during the first months of year 1397 in preparation for the campaign:

– Producing and reproducing 10 teasers and motion graphics and also some posters to advertise this campaign in social media.

– Making announcements in some popular television programs to increase the engagement rate of the campaign

– Cooperation with 105 charity organizations and active social-service institutes from all over the country

– Supplying meat of sacrificed animals for thousands of poor people through other’s contributions

-Holding 2 symbolic Karamat banquets and feeding 2000 orphans and needy people with two other charity organizations.